Major Places of Interest in Kalimpong and Lava

Kalimpong :
Located just 80 kms from the Airport and Railheads, at an altitude of 1,250 metres, it has a moderate climate ranging from between 15C to 25C in Summer and 7C to 15C in Winter, offering year round comfort. Here Buddhism rubs shoulders with Hinduism and Christianity. Gumpas, unusual churches, temples, monks and missionaries coexist in a jovial society. The quaint bustling bazar, is a wanderers delight, and a Pandora's box of surprises containing Buddhist thankas, hand beaten silver, Bhutanese weaves, Chinese lamps, Lepcha daggers, masks and a lot more. Kalimpong offers Buddhist Monasteries, Hindu Temples, Christian Churches, Flowers, Orchids and exotic flora, old colonial bungalows, scenic view points and above all the panorama of snows.
Lava Loleygaon Rishyap :
LAVA-LOLEGAON-RISHYAP these three places belong to Darjeeling district in West Bengal. They are basically three distinct remote villages surrounded by ultimate dense forests stretching over hills and silence. The villages are small and having very less number of tourists and villagers. I walked long and long followed by ups & down hill roads and took pleasure in nature - full of different flowers, orchids, birds, clouds and nice pine trees etc. LAVA is the main centre of business and communication. Rishop is having higher altitude than LAVA. The people over there are well behaved and soft spoken. A 300 view of Mt Kanchanjangha with Nathula and other ranges are visible from there.